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There are currently no competitions to promote that we know off… Should you have any information with regards to an angling competition or event, please contact us and let us share that information with all our visitors.

We did receive some feedback from Jan du Bruyn in the meanwhile. He writes...


I have never seen an event that is so unorganized as the fishing competition that took place at Bronkhorstspruit on 27 Jan 2007.

We paid R400 for our team entry. (R100 per person), but to our disgust when we arrived for the competition we had to pay entry fees at the gate as well R15 each. We were told that the R100 included our entry to the reserve.

The competition was supposed to take off with a siren at 07:00 and we only started at 08:15 when the siren whet off. Half of the competitors had already casted and some had already caught fish by 06:15. We had laid a complaint with the officials at 06:30 and they only arrived at 08:30. We then realized that the guy next to us were big friends with all the officials. The officials were also coming around to his stand quite often and sat there for 30 minutes at a time drinking.

This bloke next to us was very rude and his attitude wasn't very sportsman like. He repeatedly cast over our lines and swore at us. He was also using bladed sinkers.

Neither my teammates nor me had one successful cast where this guy did not cast over our lines. And if that was not enough he would go and cut my rig off every time that he went into the water.

We again laid a complaint with the officials and yet again it took them 2 hours to pitch up. And when they pitched up, they did nothing again; they came to have a beer.

I will never support (Volkskool Boksburg) again in any event. And I would urge everybody to avoid any event that these guys organize in the future.

Yours sincerely

Jan de Bruyn




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