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Nomads Game Fish Club

Address: PO Box 13899



Tel:           (011) 425 1659

E-Mail:          nomads@netactive.co.za

Contact: Secretary - Liz Darke

PRO         - Dave Martin


When the club was formed in the early ‘60’s, it was obvious that being inland based was going to mean a considerable amount of traveling to get to those idyllic locations along the picturesque Indian Ocean. Thus was borne our name – Nomads.  

To this day, with some 375 members, we live up to the ideals of those early pioneers by fishing hot spots from the KZN south coast up to and beyond such places as Ponto ‘do Ouro and Zavora in Mozambique. 

The strength of the club is within its members who make insurmountable sacrifices to promote deep-sea angling and give back that, which can only be learnt by experience. Nomads is proudly one of the strongest clubs in SA, having produced no less than 13 Springbok/Protea, 12 SADSAA and virtually hundreds of Provincial anglers to date. 

The knowledge from these and other members is willingly passed on to all who wish to learn more about our wonderful sport, at regular development courses. The last of which lured over 170 participants. The unselfish sharing and passing on of knowledge between members of Nomads is what attracts and maintains our strong membership base, together with a strong sense of camaraderie, both socially and competitively. 

The millennium has inspired a mission to vigorously promote our junior anglers, without which our sport is destined to become yet another ‘fisherman’s tale’, and we encourage our fellow clubs to do likewise. To learn more about Nomads, please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee listed below. 

Chairman: Denham Townsend (011)  917-9160


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