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Angler: Jessica Stafford-Mayer
Location: Inanda Dam
Species: Bass
Weight: 4.2 kg
Line: N/a
Hook: N/a
Bait: Watermelon Fluke
Weather: Unknown
Other Info:

Caught in 2 m of water

The second pic is what came out of a Bass stomach!!!! - This I caught at Albert falls and the fish died in the live well. On closer inspection it had choked on a couple of plastic baits it was trying to regurgitate. When I cut the fish open this is what I found!!! - The hooks had all rusted away, but the plastic lures had not - there was no room for anything else in the fishes stomach. I caught the bass on a diver - probably an angry reaction strike! - SURELY WE SHOULD ALL BE LOOKING AT BIODEGRADABLE LURES IF WE ARE REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT THE LIVES OF OUR BASS!!!





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