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Cape Piscatorial Society

The Cape Piscatorial Society (CPS) is based in Cape Town and is the foremost fly-fishing club in the country, with a membership spanning groups of all ages and ethnic origins. This membership includes both local and international fly-fishing enthusiasts.

The CPS is well known and accepted throughout the fly-fishing community, and it has a proud history and proven track record in the management of natural resources for the benefit of both fly-fishermen and Nature Conservation.

Apart from the clubs status as the recognized pinnacle provider of accessible fly-fishing water and related information and advice in the Western Cape, it also whole-heartedly supports local authorities, such as Cape Nature Conservation, in the protection of indigenous and other desirable freshwater species of fish.

The objectives of the CPS are :

1. to encourage and extend the culture and protection of trout and other species of fish in the Western Cape and elsewhere, and to promote the interests of fly-fishing for these fish;

2. to explore, acquire, control, maintain and develop fishing rights, privileges and facilities for members and visitors, both local and overseas;

3. to provide a club-room, library (both reference and audiovisual) and other social, recreational and educational amenities and facilities;

4. to regularly publish a journal/magazine and other relevant literature on fly-fishing;

5. to combat pollution, encourage the study of freshwater biology and assist in the stocking and maintenance of inland waters;

6. to co-operate with the proper authorities as well as with other societies and clubs in pursuance of the aforementioned objects;

7. to raise or borrow funds and to perform such functions as may be necessary or expedient for the better carrying out of these objectives.

With the aforementioned objectives in mind, the CPS have to date, a number of rivers and still water areas under its control. These waters include rivers such as the Moolenaars and Elandspad rivers (in the Du Toit’s Kloof), Witte river (Bains Kloof), Holsloot (Stettyns Kloof) and the Lakensvlei dam (Ceres).

Any person that would like to fish these areas or that requires information about fresh and saltwater fly-fishing in the Western Cape can contact the secretary of the Cape Piscatorial Society on  (021) 424-7725.


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